Working from home has its perks and challenges. It's likely your dog only thinks of it as the most wonderful thing in the world. Getting to see you all day is a dream come true! 

So how do you navigate being productive and caring for your dog? I share tips in this article to help ensure success at work and as a pet parent.

How Do I Keep My Dog Quiet When Working From Home?

Keeping your dog quiet and safe while you work is essential. But quiet and boredom are different. You can implement things into a daily routine to help your dog burn energy and get attention.

I've worked from home with Oliver, my Miniature Schnauzer since he came into my life six years ago. We have a structured daily routine when I'm working. He has even figured out what particular sounds mean. For example, when I shut my laptop, he knows that means I'm taking a break, and he's going to get in some playtime or go outside for a walk. 

Get Outside Before You Begin Your Work Day

Take your dog for a walk or play outside before starting your workday. Giving your dog a chance to exercise and be stimulated by outdoor smells is an excellent way to burn energy. Once you're back inside, your dog should be ready to rest, and you can focus on work. 

Oliver and I go for a walk almost every morning before I start my day. He is getting older so our walks are shorter than they once were. But he still loves getting in some exercise before a morning nap. 

Eliminate Boredom

When working from home, you may have days when taking a break is difficult. Put toys out for your dog to keep entertained when you don't have time to play. We have various interactive toys that help your dog with problem-solving, alleviate boredom, and are fun to chase. Any dog toy you find in our boutique is human-grade, which means they are non-toxic and a product a human could use without being harmed. 

Take Play Breaks

Your dog will likely catch on quickly to a schedule. Consider getting in the habit of saying a particular word or taking out a specific toy when it’s time to play. It will give your dog something to look forward to and bond with you over. 

As I said, Oliver responds to particular sounds, such as the closing of my laptop. I've been working from home for a long time, so we have a pretty consistent routine. However, if our schedule gets too far off the rails, Oliver has ways of reminding me that his needs weren't met. Which usually involves jumping at my leg to get me up and going!

Of course, being patient with your dog is essential. Puppies, in particular, may take a while to get into a routine. And if your work schedule is inconsistent at times, try to incorporate some flexibility without disrupting your dog's routine too much.

Can I Leave My Puppy In A Playpen While At Work?

Puppies can be mischievous when left unattended for any length of time. If you work from home, consider an indoor dog playpen. It can give your pup a secure and safe place to relax or play. Knowing where your puppy is can also help you focus and be more productive.

If you work outside of the home, we recommend finding a puppy sitter or someone who will check in on your dog throughout the day. Rover is an excellent resource to find sitters and dog walkers.

I've used Rover for Oliver a few times and had a great experience. I met the sitter beforehand and visited the house where he would be staying. And while he was there, I received photos throughout the day of him. It made me feel confident he was well cared for.

Is It Right To Have A Dog If You Work Full-Time? 

Yes. Having a dog when you work full-time is perfectly acceptable. Of course, you may have to line up some things like figuring out dog walkers or slightly adjusting your schedule when working from home. But having a full-time job and dog is possible. 

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives. Having a dog by your side while you’re working from home can be a motivator and bright spot in your day. Similarly, being greeted by your pup after a long day can be a magical feeling for those who work away from home.



February 22, 2022 — Denise Kakas