For the Love of Pets and Desire to Give them Healthy Choices throughout their Life


Denise and Dance, new owners and advocates for healthy products for pets

Hello from Denise (the human) and JH Dance, a Texas Blue Lacy dog. Dance is the real boss at Organic Pet Boutique. (Smiley face)

We are honored and humbled to be the proud new owners of Organic Pet Boutique.  Let me fill you in on some of the history of OPB.

Organic Pet Boutique History

Prior to 2009, a California couple realized that something was missing in the pet world.  They owned a few animals and noticed that there was not a great alternative source of healthy, high quality, low toxicity products and foods on the market.  After some frustrating years, they decided to take action.  Why not have a place that people and their furry four leggers can buy products, toys, and supplements to make their pet's quality of life better and longer lived? Organic Pet Boutique was formed in 2009.

After years of successful curation of great products, they decided to hand over OPB to Julie Slagter.  With her love of animals (goats, chickens, dogs and cats to name a few), she expanded the product lines and reach across North America.  She created beneficial connections to this emerging industry propelling it into main stream. 


Today, Denise and my cohort, Dance have the honor to expand the horizons of Organic Pet Boutique. 

My love for animals started in the rural backyard of Pennsylvania with "not-so-common" pets.  A duck named Donald (well...when she started to lay eggs we didn't know if the name should change), small amphibians, and the house dog (a springer spaniel mix named Minky).  Our family pets also included sporting German Shorthaired Pointers until I went to college and began my own family of dogs. 

After a series of mutts and active Australian Shepherds, I learned about Texas Blue Lacy's (the official State of Texas breed).  Resilient and developed for Texas ranches as herders, these dogs are smart, agile and need to have a job.  Not having a ranch myself (not all people in Texas do....hahaha), I began working with search and rescue volunteer teams, and trained my first Blue Lacy as a mission ready nationally certified HRD dog.

Passion With Purpose

We have seen friends and colleagues struggle with healthy choices for family pets from snugglers to highly-trained athletic pets. We felt the need to educate and provide better pet products offered by responsible brands. OPB was purchased by our family in August 2022 to deliver on our promise.  We set forth to honor the long history of do good, and to create and curate products that allow creatures to thrive (not just live). 

Organic Pet Boutique is an outpouring of the passion I have to contribute good to the world. It is my mission to make available ethically and purposefully made products for the dogs and cats that are a cherished part of our families. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to lovingly select only the best products for your pets. I honor the commitment of former owners and customers to continue the mission to do no harm to our planet, people, and our pets.


Making sure that you and your pets have access to products that align with our planet friendly and healthy values is the top priority around here. We only work with companies that create products that meet or exceed this criteria. 

Giving Back To the Community

Organic Pet Boutique is a big supporter of volunteer search and rescue (recovery) teams across the USA.  I spent 7+ years training my 2 Texas Blue Lacys to locate missing people (adults with dementia, children gone missing or people getting lost in the wilderness, etc.). Sometimes with happy endings and others not so happy, but with closure.  A portion of our products are donated to these volunteer teams that work tirelessly to locate the missing.