Corporate gifts for pet owners are a great way to show you care about your employees and their furry friends. By giving thoughtful and useful gifts to pet owners, you'll be sure to make a lasting impression.

We have worked with companies to create surprise gift boxes and packages sent to work from home (WFH) and remote employees that are fun for both their pets and the owners.  

What are some corporate gift ideas for pet owners that are unique and memorable? Here are a few gift ideas to get you started:

Upside Down Pug by DaPuglet


Pet Toys as Gifts:

A corporate gift for pet owners should be both fun and functional. An ethically produced toy that can be played with by both the pet and their owner is the perfect way to show you care. From plush play toys to those for aggressive chewers or entertainment for cats, we have the right toys for all those furry friends we see in virtual meetings.

Organic Pet Treats for Gifts:

Who doesn't love a good treat? Gifts for pet owners can include organic treats that are both healthy and delicious.

Organic Grooming Products as Gifts: 

Pet gifts can also be practical, like organic grooming products. These gifts will show you care about the health and well-being of both the pet and their owner.

Let us help customize a selection of gifts for your team. They can all be the same, or customized as much as needed.

What about gifts for those employees without pets?

For large companies, it may be difficult to determine who has pets and what kind. One option that has worked well is to offer a note with suggestions to forward the unused gifts to their family, their friends, or donate to a local good cause.

Contact Organic Pet Boutique so we can create something special for your team and their pets.