Pet dental health is vitally important to your dog or cat's livelihood. We've compiled some resources to help you take care of your pet's teeth and mouth. Below you'll find tips and insights from veterinarians and other pet experts. 

Dog Dental Health

Clean Your Dog's Teeth

For many of the same reasons it's important to clean your own teeth, the same is true for your dog. When pet dental health is overlooked, it can cause lasting problems. Oral health is a key to your dog's overall wellbeing. Keeping up with your dog's dental care can be easy. Find what works best for your dog - brushing, dental toys, dental treats, etc.

Resource: Check out some tips and tricks from the American Kennel Club.

Give Your Puppy a Chew Toy

Puppies are chewers for a reason. Their mouths are still forming and their baby teeth are replaced with adult molars around four months old. And just like human baby teething, it can be painful for them. Giving your puppy a chew toy is a way to soothe their pain and keep them occupied. 

Resource: Our non-toxic, small knit and crocheted toys are perfect for a young chewer.

Cat Dental Health

Check Your Cat's Mouth Health

A cat's dental health is related to their overall health. As cat's get older they can have teeth and gum issues. If your cat's teeth look discolored or chipped, this would be a reason for concern. Gums with redness, swelling, sores, or odors are also the sign of an unhealthy mouth. Contact your veterinarian if you see apparent problems.

Resource: PetMD provides ten tips for keeping your cat's teeth clean and mouth healthy. 


*Organic Pet Boutique does not accept responsibility for the views made available in these resources. The medical insight and recommendations are solely the opinions of the author.

February 11, 2021 — Julie Slagter