Autumn is here and cooler temps can mean more time outdoors with your dog or cat. We've compiled a list of 5 fun fall activities with pets.  

Go on a Hike

Find a new trail and take a crisp morning or evening walk. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, take advantage of paths that give you optimum views of the leaves changing colors. Your dog will love the bonus of running through any fallen leaves.

Have a Costume Party

Gather the neighborhood dog parents in your backyard or a nearby dog park. Ask everyone to dress their dogs in Halloween attire. Bring some candy to pass for the humans or do pumpkin carving. 

Apple Picking

Take your dog with you to a local orchard for some apple picking. Fall activities with pets are best when there are apples and cider involved! Just remember to check if the orchard is pet friendly. 

Go Camping

Find a campsite within a few hours of your home and plan a weekend camping trip. If your dog enjoys water, find a spot next to a lake or river. Keep things simple and make the most out of your time outdoors with your pet.

Run Through Leaves

Once the leaves fall in your yard, pile them up and let your dog or cat run through. Toss around a ball and make it a fun game.

    Enjoy this season with your dog or cat. We would love to see photos of your fall activities with pets. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.

    September 09, 2020 — Julie Slagter