The coconut tree is both a source of food and medicine. So much so that it’s often called, "The Tree of Life". The higher the quality of the coconut oil, the more effective it is. We stock CocoTherapy products because they understand the process deeply.

Let's take a look at CocoTherapy's story, process, and support of animals.

The Story of CocoTherapy

CocoTherapy was born out of a desire to create something special, coconut oil that a beloved grandmother would be proud to call her own. This philosophy is the foundation of every CocoTherapy product. Founders, Charisa and Carmina fondly remember watching their grandma make coconut oil in her small kitchen. It was a meticulous process, and she refused to cut corners. Making the purest, tastiest, and most nutritious coconut oils was her labor of love.

CocoTherapy believes in the total well-being of all living things. So a lifelong reverence for coconuts has become their mission. That's why they share the very best coconut oil on the planet with as many pets as possible.

It's All About the Nuts

From the nuts to the processing, no detail goes untouched. There are several factors that contribute to the quality of coconut oil. The main factors that impact quality are the age, type, and the process used to make the oil.

Selecting the highest quality will ensure your pet gets the maximum health benefits from coconut oil. When looking for a high-quality coconut oil it must have the highest lauric acid content possible. And that the coconut is organic, non-GMO, and non-hybrid. It should also have the lowest possible moisture content. The method used to extract the coconut oil determines how low the moisture content.

There are many brands of coconut oil out there, but do you know where the coconuts come from? At CocoTherapy, not only do they manufacture their coconut oil and chips, they also grow and harvest their coconuts.

The majority of coconut oil manufacturers do not own coconut farms. Instead, they purchase their coconuts from small independent farmers, often buying from multiple farmers who may or may not be USDA organic inspected farms. And these farmers generally have their own cultivating practices and harvesting schedules, which affect the quality of the coconuts.

CocoTherapy Nuts Are From One Farm

CocoTherapy coconuts come from one farm, their farm. Why is that important? The quality of their coconuts is consistent from batch to batch. They are harvested at the optimum time, not early and not late. And they are opened and used between four to eight hours after harvesting.

CocoTherapy's farm is USDA organic inspected. They never use hybrid or genetically modified coconuts. And they put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that you and your pets are getting the best oil possible.

From the careful selection of the coconuts to the methods used in creating the final product, CocoTherapy coconut oil is the purest, freshest, premium quality human-grade oil. You can count on it to be 100% pure and natural. It's cold-pressed from raw, non-GMO, organic coconuts, and guaranteed free from hexane, bleach, and trans fat.

CocoTherapy Pays It Forward

CocoTherapy believes in social responsibility. Support for dogs and all animals is an important part of their mission. Along with donating to numerous animal organizations in the United States, CocoTherapy supports an animal welfare organization in the Philippines - Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

In a country faced with numerous economic and social issues, the welfare of animals is often the last thing people think about in the Philippines. As a result, many animals are homeless and wander the streets, often sick or malnourished. In addition, the stray animals continue to breed and add to the ever-growing population of feral cats and dogs.

To pay it forward, CocoTherapy has chosen to work closely with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) by regularly donating, both financially and in-kind. PAWS is a private, non-profit organization, which receives no funding from the government. Instead, they rely solely on the funds generated through fund-raising and individual donations.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) runs the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), the first real animal shelter in the country. With the help of dedicated staff and volunteers, the PARC cares for over 500 dogs and cats each year. In addition, they provide shelter, food, and medical care to animals who are victims of cruelty and neglect.

What Customers Are Saying

Our customers love CocoTherapy products. Check out what some of them are saying. 


"My Maltese absolutely loves the CocoTherapy organic Coconut Chips! I give them as a treat or crushed on food." — Patti


"We have used the CocoTherapy Coconut Chips for several years. Our dogs have beautiful, shiny coats and are healthy and happy. Our veterinarian is always so impressed with their general overall great health. Great product!" — Kelli


"One of my Yorkies has always needed a little extra "help" when it comes to fiber consumption. We mix in some of the CocoTherapy Coconut Chips with a little warm water in her evening meal, and she happily woofs it down. Better yet, no more straining!" — Ashley


"I have 5 Yorkies and I guess it's a Yorkie thing but all of them have very sensitive stomachs. If they eat the least little thing that's not on their regular diet, they get the runs. Once I discovered CocoTherapy Coconut Chips and started sprinkling a few chips on their food each meal, the problem went away! They love them for snacks as well." — Gina


"I have a Maltese and a Yorkie. My Maltese was constipated for a few days before I realized what the problem was. I decided to give him some CocoTherapy, Coconut Chips and Coconut Oil. The very next morning, he was all better! Like magic overnight! I will continue to make this part of their daily diet." — Eve




October 12, 2021 — Julie Slagter