Pet fostering gives a homeless pet a chance to survive and thrive. From dogs and cats to other types of animals, fostering saves lives. With shelters often at their maximum capacity, pet foster parents fill a critical need. In this article, you'll learn the benefits of fostering and if it's a good idea.

Benefits of Pet Fostering

Here are five reasons to consider becoming a pet foster parent.

1. It’s temporary.

Pet fostering is short-term. On average, foster parents have an animal at their home for two months. It may be more or less, but the organization you foster through can give you a realistic timeline.  

If you’ve been considering fostering but are on the fence about it, I get it. You may be worried about getting too attached or not having enough time. It’s true; some people do get attached and decide to adopt the pet they took into their home. So it is good to weigh your options beforehand.

2. Foster pets have a greater chance of being adopted.

One of the goals of fostering is for the pet to get to its forever home eventually. When you foster a pet, you can relay its behavior and unique needs to the adoption organization. These facts can make the pet appealing to the right person or family.

3. It keeps pets out of animal shelters.

Pets adjust much better in homes rather than shelters. Especially if the pet is coming from an abusive or neglectful situation, shelters can be amazing organizations, but they can be anxiety-inducing for some animals. Foster care affords an animal more training, exercise, socialization, health, and one-on-one attention.

4. You can choose how and who to foster.

As a pet foster parent, you can determine how many animals you’ll take at a time and which type of pets. If you’re allergic to cats, you can choose to only foster dogs. Or perhaps there’s a particular breed of dog you prefer. You can make these types of arrangements with the foster organization.

A side benefit is that you can also see if you want to adopt a pet. Maybe you lost your dog recently and aren’t sure if you’re ready for a new fur baby. Fostering can help you determine if you’re prepared to welcome another dog home permanently. 

5. Fostering can be suitable for your pets.

If you already have pets, fostering is an opportunity to introduce them to other animals. Whether your pet needs a playmate or to learn some social skills, this pet fostering could be the answer.

Is Becoming a Pet Foster Parent a Good Idea? 

I say, absolutely! If you have the room, time, and extra dose of love to foster a pet, it’s a gratifying experience for you and the animal. Oh wait, you thought fostering was only to benefit the animal? Pet fostering can bring you stress relief too. It’s a great way to boost your mental health. 

When I adopted Oliver, I took him on a trial basis for a week. By the third day, he already stole my heart, and there was no way I was giving him back. He brings a smile to my face every day. Playing fetch with him makes his day and gives me an extra dose of happiness as well. 

Ready to Foster?

Suppose you’re considering pet fostering, research shelters in your area. Be sure to talk with the organization and make sure they’re the right fit for you. And if you do foster or adopt a pet, I would love to hear about your experience.

June 14, 2021 — Denise Kakas