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Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog Duraplush Rabbit Toy

The Cycle Dog Duraplush Rabbit Toy will provide hours of fun for your furry friend.

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Tough 2-Ply Bonded Laminate

Stitchguard - Double Stitched Turned Seams

EcoFill - From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Product Reviews

World's Best

Cycle Dog founder Lanette started out by collecting tubes from local bike shops to experiment with at home. After countless hours of sewing and testing, she eventually created her iconic inner tube backed dog collar. From very early on she knew she had created something special and soon after decided to pursue her passion full time.

Cycle Dog has evolved quite a bit from the early days. The crew still collects inner tubes from many of the bike shops in the area, but now a team of talented sewers help make the collars and leashes. And the line has grown to include harnesses, beds, blankets, toys, treats, soap, poop bags and more. They've long since moved out of Lanette's home but they still proudly make all their products in Portland Oregon, and their goal to create the world's best eco friendly dog products has never wavered.

Incredibly Incredible

Cycle Dog has saved millions of inner tubes from landfills. Now that's an incredibly incredible thing! Why is this so incredible? You see, inner tube rubber is not easily recycled and most recycling facilities just send it straight to landfills. But by upcycling them into cool dog products Cycle Dog helps keep tons of tubes out of landfills. If you're in the Portland area make sure to bring by your old tubes in exchange for a kiss, from one of their shop dogs.

Incredibly Incredible

Who the Howl is Organic Pet Boutique?

Inspired by a Lifelong Love

We’re a small family business inspired by a lifelong love of pets. Something as simple as a cat or a dog to one person is so much more to us. Our pets are more than just cats and dogs; they're a cherished part of our family. We feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do something that we love everyday.

Driven by a Passion to Help

Driven by our passion to help, we identified a massive need for change in the pet industry and set out to make an impact. Our business is predicated on delivering value to our clients. We’re here to help you navigate all of the lies and deception in our industry. We take this responsibility very personally.

Authentic People & Products

We’re Chad & Natasha. We believe in honesty and transparency in all aspects of our business. We’re honored and humbled each time someone chooses to support our boutique. All of our clients are valued and respected. We're always here to help. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your pets.

Enriched Through Giving

We’ve been amazingly fortunate to have adopted several beautiful animals over the years. Throughout those years our shelter pets have enriched our lives beyond belief. As a small token of our appreciation we donate a portion of all boutique profits to our favorite charity, the SPCA Los Angeles.

A Strong Commitment

We've been quietly doing our thing for more than a decade now. We're not here to be the next big thing. We're here to build the best small business we can. We refuse to compromise our values in pursuit of profits, and we'll never back down in our commitment to you and your pets.

Three Times The Love

We work hard to bring you a lovingly curated pet marketplace, one with three times the love. If we don't love the company, love the people and love the products they create, you won't find it here, period. So we don't always offer every product our partners create, and we don't offer all the products we love.

Our Clients Like Us :)

The dog bed is wonderful. High quality and it was delivered quickly. The company is five stars too. When a product that we had ordered was out of stock we were refunded our money. This company went a step further and sent us a gift for our pet and a personal letter apologizing for the inconvenience. Very impressed and will be shopping their site again.

— Robin

Both my yorkie and I love this harness! But I’m loving this boutique even more. They are so sweet, I received a handwritten note with my order! And shipping was pretty fast. Will definitely be ordering more items from them. <3

— Gheslaine

Thanks! My cat Holmes got so enthusiastic with one of the toys last night, I had to do a catnip cleanup at 3AM, hilarious.

— Curt

Thank you so much for all the extra goodies for Eveie! She loves her new Jax & Bones bed too. You guys are a class act.

— LeAnn

Product came on time and packaged very neatly. I loved the time and effort put towards my order. It was a pleasant surprise. Will definitely order from again in the future.

— Vuong

Great company to order from!! Fast shipping, great communication and an extra surprise in my box! Thank you so much. :)

— Marsha

Thank you so much for the personal note and delicious samples! Juno was so happy to receive all her toys and spoils.

— Susan

Appreciate your prompt service and the plush toys. Our grand opening was a big hit. Thank you. You guys are awesome!

— Sherry