Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog Ecoweave Collar

Size Guide
Cycle Dog Ecoweave Collar Size Chart


Dimensions: 5/8" Wide - Fits 6" - 12"

Normally Fits Dogs Up To 30 Pounds


Dimensions: 1.1" Or 1.5" Wide - Fits12" - 21"

Normally Fits Dogs 30 Pounds to 75 Pounds


Dimensions: 1.1" Or 1.5" Wide - Fists 17" - 27"

Normally Fits Dogs 70 Pounds And Over


The Cycle Dog Ecoweave Collar is made from recycled plastic bottles. The small size is designed with a plastic buckle for smaller dogs. The medium and large size collar has been designed with a latch lock metal buckle for added strength.
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