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West Paw

West Paw Mingo Toy

Hand sewn and stuffing free, the West Paw Mingo Toy is shaggy chic and will infuse a big dose of sillyness into playtime. Dogs can go wild with this flamingo shaped dog toy that squeaks and has fun, fluffy pompons on the head and tail.

Product Reviews

Your Friends Love West Paw Toys

So Excited

I barely got the tags off the West Paw Mingo before my youngest Westie stole it from me. He was so excited to have another of these toys to add to his collection. He has had the little West Paw Floppy Dog since he was a puppy and he carries it around, hiding it in various locations throughout the house and yard. Now there is a Mingo in the mix.

— Laura

Love 'Em All

Chase, my Labrador loves all of his West Paw toys. He has the Floppy Giraffe, Floppy Quack, and now the Mingo. He happily carries them around everywhere and stores them in his crate. He especially likes the Mingo.

— JC

Love It

For no reason I can fathom, my dog loves the West Paw Mingo toy above all others. Except perhaps for his two West Paw S-S-Stretch toys. Good job West Paw!

— Susan

All Time Favorite

The West Paw Floppy Mingo is my dogs all time favorite toy. She digs for it in her toy box and carries it everywhere. Nothing else compares to "her baby" the Mingo!

— Jessica


The West Paw Mingo was a gift for our Dachshund. Already a fan of West Paw toys, she was overjoyed to have a new one. And the play continues!

— JJ

All Fun

Mingo-Flingo! That's our nickname for the West Paw Mingo. The Mingo is just the right size for our Toy Poodle. Thanks for all the fun!

— Marilyn

So Happy

Lexi recently was diagnosed with cancer and has had one of two major surgeries. She has to wear a collar to protect her surgery and has not wanted to move until she saw the Floppy Quack!! She loves it and works around her collar to be able to play with her duck! She is happy again. Thank you West Paw!

— Glo


Sometimes we use the West Paw Floppy Quack as a catch toy on a stick and string. We call the game Fishing for Westies. The Floppy Quack toy has been very durable for quite awhile. Great toy!

— John

Love It

Our new rescue doesn't care for any toys but I decided to give the Floppy Quack a shot. She LOVES it. Plays with it all the time! I am so happy!!

— Jamie

Really Cute

My Yorkie, Dexter loves his Floppy Quack! He loves to toss it up in the air and flip it around, then run after it! It's really cute to watch.

— Jen

Love It

I was skeptical of an unstuffed toy, but decided to give the Floppy Giraffe a try. My puppy LOVES it. He has played with it every day for weeks, and never gets tired of it. We play gentle tug of war, I throw it and he fetches it, he tosses it and shakes it, and all around loves it. This is going to become the gift I give all of my friends when they get new puppies.

— Belinda


Our Basenji has both the Floppy Giraffe and the Floppy Quack, and they’re perfect. Unlike other toys, these he loves a lot with no sign of damage. And this is not a passive little fella, more like playfully aggressive with energy to spare. We’re very pleased with his two West Paw floppy toys.

— Chuck

The Perfect Dog Toy

Finding the perfect dog toy can be challenging. You need one that will match the way your dog plays. Sure dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean they should. Chew and play habits can vary drastically from dog to dog. It's best to know your dog’s habits before deciding on a new toy. It's good to know that West Paw designs toys with your dog's needs in mind. Whether your dog likes to play rough or just snuggle up, they have toys built to suit your dog's every desire. Some West Paw toys challenge dogs, while others are made for fetching, chewing or simply cuddling.

Need help choosing a toy best suited for your best friend? Don't worry, we got you covered! Check out our West Paw Toy Guide.

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