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P.L.A.Y. Safari Gabi The Giraffe Toy

The P.L.A.Y. Safari Gabi The Giraffe Toy is a fiercely cute lovable round wildlife creature. This cuddly companion is ideal for your furry king or queen of the jungle and will keep your dog active as it squeaks, falls and tumbles across the floor! Each toy features a unique sounding supersized squeaker inside to capture your pup's attention, sliding hind limbs for extra tugging fun.

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Product Reviews

You Will Love P.L.A.Y.

Can a pet company really change the world? When your dog or cat takes those first curious sniffs of a new P.L.A.Y. toy or bed, you’ll sense that something great is happening. Why? Because P.L.A.Y. has a unique approach to designing special things for your pet. One that takes you, your pet and our planet very seriously. And one that takes fun pretty seriously, too!

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Your Friends Love P.L.A.Y. Toys

Brilliant Toys

So far we’ve got our girl the Safari, Globetrotter, American Classic and Holiday Classic collections and she loves every single toy in these sets. These are without a doubt the most imaginative, colorful and creative dog toys I’ve ever come across. So congratulations on producing such brilliant toys!

— Mimi

Big Fans

My Dachshund Ozzy loves these toys. He grabbed the Bell Pepper right out of the box as soon as I opened it and it has been his favorite ever since. He carries these toys around and squeaks and squeaks them. I'm really impressed with the quality of these toys. These toys are the only toys I've found that Ozzy can't tear up and believe me, he has tried. Even the squeakers still work. We are both big fans!

— Sandra

Best Toy Ever

The Carrot is, by far, the best dog toy ever designed. Our Schneider brings hers to bed every single night. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen . . . We ordered two more for backups since she is so attached to hers!

— Gary

Awesome Veggies

My Cairn Terrier received the Carrot and Zucchini and loved them so much that I had to buy the entire Garden Fresh collection. He usually guts his stuffed toys and pulls out the fluff and squeakers, but he hasn't done this to these awesome veggies. Highly recommend!

— Rachel

Back For More

I have been purchasing P.L.A.Y. toys for about 4 years now and still have many of the original ones I bought! Toys wash easily in the washer and dry quickly. The Hound Turkey is my favorite. My dog, Rocco, loves the Yummy Yuletide Log! Will be back for more!

— Mel

So Worth It

Chewy loves these toys. She has the whole Safari collection and the Snow Leopard was a great addition to the family! They all have their own unique sounds and give play time a whole new meaning! Worth the money!

— Sam

Best We've Had

P.L.A.Y. toys are the best we've ever had. We started over the summer with Mutts Milkshake, and for Christmas we got the Holiday Classic set. Then two Poochie Pretzels, one for each dog. They love them! We also have the Corn, Barky Burger and the Tail Waggin’ Taco, and Hot Diggy Dog.

— CJ & Ringo

Most Adorable Ever

My puppy Valentino loves his new toys. I purchased the Starfish and Turtle along with some other items and I couldn't be happier with the products. They're the most adorable little toys ever. Quality, well made toys and my puppy absolutely loves them . . . I'm extremely happy with my purchase and plan to shop with P.L.A.Y. in the future.

— Mariel

Super Great Quality

We have purchased a few of the Giant Clams because my Pug carries it everywhere. He finds it every night before bedtime and brings it to bed with him. It is super great quality and lasts exceptionally long for the amount of playing, chewing and dragging around it endures. Nothing lasts forever though so we keep a few in stock at home so he never goes without!

— Rupert

Absolutely Love

My four month old Newfoundland absolutely loves these toys! He has a Giant Squid, a Turtle and a King Crab. Both the Giant Squid and Turtle have a hole (or two) in them but he hasn't been able to pull any filling out. You actually can barely see the holes. He absolutely loves these toys and tries to put two in his mouth to carry with him all over the house!

— Ludo

Love To Cuddle

My new puppy loves to cuddle with his Giant Squid. He takes it everywhere with him, on walks, to bed, in the car. It seems durable enough for a chewer. I suspect we'll be buying more in the future when this one wears out.

— Katie

So Cute

I bought the King Crab for my parents dog. They are avid crabbers in the Puget Sound and their dog is in love with this toy. She hasn't even made a dent in it, and carries it around everywhere with her. Very good quality, and the design is so cute.

— Amber