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Opie Bee

Opie Bee Nebbie Approved Goodie Box

Each Opie Bee Nebbie Approved Goodie Box is stuffed with 4 out of this world single ingredient snacks and 4 pawesome plushie playthings. Lovingly curated especially for your favorite fur-end by our cherished pug, Nebbie!
what's in the box?

3 - Bare Bites Snack Sized Sacks

1 - 3oz Bare Bites Topping

1 - 6oz CoCoTherapy CoCo Chips

1 - 2oz Cycle Dog Trail Treats

1 - Cycle Dog Medium Springy Thing Toy

1 - West Paw Small Floppy Toy

1 - Simply Fido 6" Petite Toy

1 - P.L.A.Y. Mutt Hatter Toy

what's to love?

Do you wonder if your four-legged fur-end is fascinated by “10s Accross The Board” goodies? Imagine no more! Nebbie’s got you and your best buddy's back with these 4 whimsical plush playthings and 4 mouthwatering snacks that'll pack your pooches heart and soul with otherworldly delight.

what's a Nebbie?

Nebbie is our treasured senior rescue pug! Our favorite little fossil is tickled pink by her snackies and playthings. She's smitten by these irresistible items and we're thrilled to be able to share that bountiful bliss with your number one pooch!  

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