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Opie Bee

Opie Bee Luau Goodie Box

It's Party Time! Our Opie Bee Luau Goodie Box will sweep your treasured pooch away to paradise with 5 splurging snacks and 4 pint-sized charming toys. Lavishly curated exclusively for your little life of the paw-ty!
Only 3 left!
what's in the box?

1 - 3oz Bare Bites Piggy Pack 

1 - 4oz CoCoTherapy Vanilla Macaroons

1 - 5oz CoCoTherapy CoCo Chips

1 - 5oz CoCoTherapy Piña Colada Pure Hearts 

1 - 5oz Polkadog Salmon Chips 

1 - Hugglehounds Wee Piggy 

1 - CoCoTherapy Pipsqueak CoCo-Nut 

1 - P.L.A.Y. Globetrotter Pucci's Sandal

1 - Pet Flys Knit Knacks Paulie The Pineapple

3 - Sunny Leis For Hoomans


what's to love?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to have a glorious get-together with all your best-loved fur-ends? A Luau is a splendid reason to do so! Each box is joyfully jam-packed with 4 pocket-sized playthings and 5 delectable snacks that'll indulge your fun-loving pooches insides with glee. We can't leave the hula dancin' hoomans out so we've included 3 sunny side up play leis to delight in!


what's a Luau?

A Luau equals Party Time! Are you and your festive pooch ready for a celebratory feast with eye-popping entertainment? Then break out the leis and ukuleles because it's time to have a ball with our legendary Luau Goodie Box!

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