Jax & Bones

Jax & Bones Kratos Cotton Blend Cozy Mat

Size Guide
Jax & Bones Cozy Mat Size Chart

Small Cozy Mat

Perfect for dogs up to 15 pounds.

Outer Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 3"

Medium Cozy Mat

Perfect for dogs up to 30 pounds.

Outer Dimensions: 30" x 19" x 3"

Large Cozy Mat

Perfect for dogs up to 65 pounds.

Outer Dimensions: 36" x 23" x 3"

Extra Large Cozy Mat

Perfect for dogs up to 100 pounds.

Outer Dimensions: 42" x 28" x 3"



Jax & Bones Kratos Cotton Blend Cozy Mats are versatile, functional, and reversible. They are perfect for the dog on the go! Constructed using standard crate measurements, these portable mats are great for dogs of all ages and can be easily spot cleaned or machine washed.

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Jax & Bones products are made with uncompromising details and materials. They passionately believe in making products you and your pet will truly love. All of their products are handcrafted and their attention to design and detail is purposefully thought out just for you and your best friend.

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