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West Paw

West Paw Hurley Toy

The classic West Paw Hurley Toy is a safer alternative to wooden sticks and is best for dogs who love to gnaw and play fetch (especially in water). Made from bouncy and floatable Zogoflex material, Hurley is extremely durable. The classic design of the West Paw Hurley Toy makes it easy for dogs to carry in their mouths while its bright colors, make Hurley easy to spot indoors or out. Built for tough chewers.

Product Reviews

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Still Going Strong

Our fur baby Mack is a Pitbull with separation anxiety. He is constantly chewing on something. He has chewed through his kennel, a couch, and almost every dog toy we have ever bought him. But this toy has lasted months and it's still going strong!!! Great product.

— Lisa

Love It

Got this one as a gift. Our 110 pound Mastiff is NOTORIOUS for chewing up any and all dog toys and kid toys he'll get his hands on! This sucker's withstood his chewing for the past year and a half, and it’s not even got a dent in it! He loves it!!

— Alex

Goes Everywhere

Our little Dachshund Rita is a super chewer and she loves the Hurley almost as much as the Jive. She carries her little red Hurley everywhere she goes. It’s NOT bombproof but it takes her a good long time to destroy one.

— Jimbeau


My Labradors Lola and Lucy love their Hurley! We have 1 already so I knew it was indestructible. I wasted a lot of money on other brand toys which did not last. My girls are voracious chewers and we love, love, love West Paw toys.

— Leigh

Never Let Me Down

The Hurley is a great long lasting toy, especially for a chewer. My pup loves these chew toys. I only own West Paw toys. They are the ones that never let me down.

— Sue

Love It

I picked up one of the Hurley toys for one of my power chewers. He LOVES it. I need to buy another because his "sister" keeps stealing it!

— Jamie

Love These

My super chewer/ripper Atlas loves these. They’re just about the only toy that lasts him over a month. He loves to chew on these like a baby on a teething ring with the toy jammed into the back of his mouth (even though he just turned 2). We love all of our West Paw toys.

— Kaitlyn

Keeps On Going

I have an 80lb Malinois and he has destroyed everything we have given him. This is one of the few toys that has survived. He will lay and chew on the ends for hours without destruction!! It has been left out in the snow, rain, sun and even been run over a few times by the lawnmower and keeps on going. It’s survived my 50lb Labrador and my 70lb German Shepard as well.

— Melissa

Best Ever

BEST chew toys ever! The West Paw Hurley lasts forever! The ONLY dog toys I will ever purchase. Great company that stands behind their products and made in the U.S.A.

— Veta

So Cute, So Fun

We love the Hurley toy! Miley looks so cute when she comes running with this bone in her mouth. West Paw toys are the best, durable, non-toxic, dishwasher safe, but most of all, FUN!

— Susan

Love Them

My dog destroys every toy we get her. Then, we stumbled across West Paw toys. We got the Jive to try first and she was not able to destroy it so we got the Hurley toy and then another. She loves them. She just can’t destroy it no matter how long she gnaws on it.

— Kelsey


Our Coonhound pup LOVES her Hurley! When one (or all) return home she will scoop it up as she hurries to greet us. She also does this when playing with our 4 yr old grandson, her best buddy. We've had a difficult time finding toys that can withstand her hardcore chewing until we came across West Paw toys.

— Joy