West Paw

West Paw Strolls Collar

Size Guide
West Paw Strolls Hemp Collar Size Chart


Dimensions: 13.25" - 19.75" Length x .75" Wide


Dimensions: 18" - 27.5" Length x 1" Wide


West Paw Strolls Hemp Collar is for everyday wear. It’s strong, long lasting, and holds its shape, yet offers superior feel and ease of wear. The combo of natural hemp and lightweight adjustable buckle and loops make for a comfy, secure fit with no puckering or bunching. A perfect everyday collar with every safety detail carefully considered.

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Ultra Light, Durable, Quick Release Buckle

Durable Quick Connect Loop For Tough Pullers

Incredibly Strong And Naturally Odor Resistant Hemp


Anti Microbial

Super Soft

ID Loop For Tags

West Paw Guarantee On Performance And Quality