Buddy Belts

Buddy Belts Luxury Harness

Size Guide
Buddy Belts Harness Size Chart

Size 1

Chest: 8" - 10"

Weight: < 2 Pounds

Size 2

Chest: 10" - 12"

Weight: 2 - 4 Pounds

Size 2.5

Chest: 11" - 13"

Weight: 3 - 5 Pounds

Size 3

Chest: 12" - 14"

Weight: 4 - 8 Pounds

Size 3.5

Chest: 13" - 15"

Weight: 7 - 9 Pounds

Size 4

Chest: 14" - 16"

Weight: 8 - 12 Pounds

Size 5

Chest: 16" - 18"

Weight: 12 - 18 Pounds

Size 6

Chest: 18" - 22"

Weight: 18 - 25 Pounds

Size 7

Chest: 22" - 26"

Weight: 25 - 45 Pounds

Size 8

Chest: 26" - 30"

Weight: 45 - 60+ Pounds

Size 9

Chest: 30" - 36"

Weight: 60 - 85+ Pounds

Size 10

Chest: 35" - 42"

Weight: 85 - 100+ Pounds

Traditional neck collars can cause unnecessary strain and discomfort for pets. In many cases this strain results in damage to your pet’s trachea (windpipe) and/or spine. Form, affects function, and function affects health! The Buddy Belts Luxury Harness enhances proper function and health.

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Product Reviews

Your Friends Love Buddy Belts Harnesses


I bought my first Buddy Belt 8 years ago and still use it! It's amazing. And even more amazing . . . when I bought it I didn't put it tight enough on my puppy . . . so of course she got her teeth in there and chewed it. I contacted the company and they hand delivered (by bicycle) a brand new one right to my door. Ever since then I have raved about their excellent service and quality to anyone considering a buddy belt!

— Stephanie

Durable & Strong

I purchased my Buddy Belt for my dachshund as soon as I felt she had grown full size. This is an absolutely long lasting harness. We're going on 6 years now and it hasn't changed it's original shape. It's not stretched out, saggy, nothing has fallen off. It's in perfect shape, maybe a little dirty.
It's an excellent buy for your money as you won't have to replace it every couple years. Buy buy buy, I say. Penny loves hers. Steps right into it and away we go. She is a very strong dog with a low chest. She can't "back out of it" either.

— Marene

Simple & Smart Design

I love the Buddy Belt! My Boston Terrier does too. They're fantastic, such a simple, smart design. Please come up with more colors and patterns – we're addicted! Such a great product. No more shaved, red chest from nylon harnesses, no more red irritated neck from collars.

— Jennifer


I ordered a Buddy Belt for my 5 year old Lab mix and it works wonderfully! She no longer pulls me down the street. It was worth every penny as we both enjoy our walks much more now, and it is very easy to put on and take off. I also use it when she travels in the car and attach it to a seatbelt leash. A great product!

— Aimee

Amazing Quality

The Buddy Belts are made here in Toronto, ON, Canada and I've been to the factory. The leather is an amazing quality, wears in like butter and the hardware is very high quality. My dogs have been wearing them for about 1.5 years now and I would never go back tot he regular old harness. They're easy to put on, take off and clean. We get stopped constantly and asked about them. Truly the best money on "gear" I've spent so far. Also, if you have a puller it keeps all strain off the throat, so there's no distress, especially in these hot times when our guys have labored breathing as it is. Buy one, seriously, it will last a lifetime, they look and feel great and they're humane. And they fit like a dream, no twisting and digging into the skin like the nylon harnesses!

— Tara

We Love Ours

Our Buddy Belts have been in the waters of Huntington Beach, Long Beach, in pools, and the water fountains of Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade (oops) and there isn't a single spot of rust on the metal parts and the leather is as strong as the day we bought it. These Buddy Belts have withstood the test of time – 8 years and still going! The steel ring, buckles and latch all work as smoothly as day one. The leather DOES, magically shape to each of my dogs' bodies and in fact, when laid side-by-side, it's very clear whose Buddy Belt is whose. Buddy Belts artisans have truly achieved a harmonic resonance between Form and Function. Whatever you guys are doing to create such durable and stylish products, please don't ever lose that edge!

— Grant

Just Fantastic

I got the first Buddy Belt for my youngest doxie, Thunder, as he is so small and I couldn't find a good harness for him. I love that these harnesses come in such a wide variety of sizes. It fit him perfectly. I decided to get one for my other doxie, Hercules, as well as they are so lightweight. His Puppia worked well but with him being a long-hair and very poofy, I wanted to get the harness off his neck area more. It just arrived today and as soon as I switched to it, he was acting like the weight of the world had been lifted off him. These things work so well.

— Linda

Life Saving

I bought a Buddy Belt for my bichon. It saved his life last night. A German Shepard attacked him- bit into his back- and because I could lift him in the harness and swing him in the air away, the other dog let go and I could then pick my dog into my arms and run. A collar on my dog could never have done that. So thank you. He is one sick dog after surgery but I believe he will live because of the harness and the fact that it cradles the dog. Best $100 I ever spent!

— Cindy

So Perfect

It's always been so hard finding a dachshund-appropriate harness! For a while, Toby was overweight. However, he's on a nice weight loss regimen lately, which complicated the harness matter even more. Then one day, I found a store with Buddy Belts. Luckily one was in his size and not pink! Toby's wearing it now. It's so perfect! It's small and comfortable and fits on his funny doxie chest. But it's size adjustable too – which so many vest-style harnesses are not. Now I'm on a hunt for more Buddy Belts!

— Michelle

Beyond Expectations

The Buddy Belts have performed well above expectations in all situations including damp or snowy weather and the finishes have also been very durable – particularly on the matching leash handles which we originally thought would deteriorate in a matter of a few months! We have recommended your product to many small dog owners. The Buddy Belt provides superior and secure control of our dogs. They are easy to put on and easy for the dogs to wear. The Buddy Belt allows the dog to be a dog without being choked half to death and that is just perfect.

— Owen

Exceeds Imagination

My Buddy Belt arrived today and it fits perfectly. The colour is "tres fabu", very this season! I'm particularly taken with the chaffing liner! Such a simple solution but what high quality for a secondary item! Amazing! I have to commend you on your product; it by far exceeds my imagination. I feel a little spoiled here in Paris, one becomes accustomed to the French style and Italian workmanship in leather goods but I have to say your product is definitely on par.

— Lilly

Love It

Charlie is puffy and the Buddy Belt is still easy to put on. I like that it does not press on the throat because pomeranians often get trachea problems. It is not like a full vest harness so Charlie can be cool in the summer.

— Ana

Summer of '97

Looking back now, that summer seemed to last forever. That was when a miniature Dachshund named Buddy came into Roxanne's life. Those were some of the best days of her life. It was the summer of '97. She didn't know it at the time but Buddy was soon to become the star inspiration for the now world famous Buddy Belt.

Walk time with Buddy was amazing but he would always gag and cough. Roxanne quickly realized that he needed something other than a traditional dog collar. And the dog harnesses at the time didn't do much to protect the neck either. Starting with an old piece of tire rubber, the first Buddy Belt prototype was created. After working with several leather crafters to refine the pattern and template, Roxanne invested in the equipment and materials to bring her new harness to life.

The result of her early efforts is a harness that is easy to use and most importantly reduces stress on the neck. The Buddy Belt has come along way since those early days but the vision remains the same today. Now a premium harness, the quality of the Buddy Belt is the result of ongoing efforts to make it the best, and safest dog harness in the world.

Make Walk Time Great Again

Buddy Belts founders Roxanne and Johnny want to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners and it's evident in everything they do. Buddy Belts are lovingly hand crafted in Canada and coveted worldwide. Every detail is considered throughout the entire process, from design through construction. Keep your cherished pet safe, comfortable, and stylish with the revolutionary Buddy Belt. Make walk time great again!

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Inspired by a Lifelong Love

We’re a small family business inspired by a lifelong love of pets. Something as simple as a cat or a dog to one person is so much more to us. Our pets are more than just cats and dogs; they're a cherished part of our family. We feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do something that we love everyday.

Driven by a Passion to Help

Driven by our passion to help, we identified a massive need for change in the pet industry and set out to make an impact. Our business is predicated on delivering value to our clients. We’re here to help you navigate all of the lies and deception in our industry. We take this responsibility very personally.

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We’ve been amazingly fortunate to have adopted several beautiful animals over the years. Throughout those years our shelter pets have enriched our lives beyond belief. As a small token of our appreciation we donate a portion of all boutique profits to our favorite charity, the SPCA Los Angeles.

A Strong Commitment

We've been quietly doing our thing for more than a decade now. We're not here to be the next big thing. We're here to build the best small business we can. We refuse to compromise our values in pursuit of profits, and we'll never back down in our commitment to you and your pets.

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Our Clients Like Us :)

The dog bed is wonderful. High quality and it was delivered quickly. The company is five stars too. When a product that we had ordered was out of stock we were refunded our money. This company went a step further and sent us a gift for our pet and a personal letter apologizing for the inconvenience. Very impressed and will be shopping their site again.

— Robin

Both my Yorkie and I love this harness! But I’m loving this boutique even more. They are so sweet, I received a handwritten note with my order! And shipping was pretty fast. Will definitely be ordering more items from them. <3

— Gheslaine

This little gem of a find on the internet is just a great little place to shop for pet toys. And the staff couldn't be nicer. Order your holiday toys from Organic Pet Boutique and your pet toys will be the talk of the town. This grandma is in the know.

— Karla

We just got a sweet note from Kelli after she received her gift box. No surprise, she said her puppy absolutely loves everything. Thank you for packaging it up as a special gift for me. The care and attention you put into it made such a difference. Thanks again!

— Danielle

Product came on time and packaged very neatly. I loved the time and effort put towards my order. It was a pleasant surprise. Will definitely order from again in the future.

— Vuong

Great company to order from!! Fast shipping, great communication and an extra surprise in my box! Thank you so much. :)

— Marsha

Thank you so much for the personal note and delicious samples! Juno was so happy to receive all her toys and spoils.

— Susan

Appreciate your prompt service and the plush toys. Our grand opening was a big hit. Thank you. You guys are awesome!

— Sherry

Thanks! My cat Holmes got so enthusiastic with one of the toys last night, I had to do a catnip cleanup at 3AM, hilarious.

— Curt

Thank you so much for all the extra goodies for Eveie! She loves her new Jax & Bones bed too. You guys are a class act.

— LeAnn