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Pet Flys

Pet Flys Knit Knacks Avocado Toy

Pet Flys Knit Knacks Avocado Toy won't fill the stomach of your furry friend but will be a delightful way to provide a special treat. Designed for small dogs.

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Improves Dental Health

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Back From The Ashes

Stephanie and Steve started Mirage in 2004 and for more than 15 years their small family owned workshop consistently turned out some of the most fun products in the industry. A devastating fire in 2019 nearly ended it all. Nearly everything was lost, their workshop, a beautiful renovated 1908 church, their faithful WW2 machinery used to make all the fun, and their entire inventory, all of it gone in the course of a night. Not even a courageous fire brigade and over one million gallons of water could save it.

There is one thing that the fire couldn't destroy, their dreams. Stephanie grew up in her grandparent's factory, working on their gorgeous crystal dog collars. Those collars were were loved by people around the world. She absolutely loved that factory, affectionately known as the shop. Starting over was a wild ride but Stephanie has come full circle. The very factory she grew up in is the new home of Mirage, now with six generations of love. The dedication, loyalty, courage, passion and legacy are alive in the shop.

To this day, despite the challenges, Mirage continues to manufacture most of their products in America. This helps them maintain the highest standards of quality in some of our favorite dog toys. And it allows them to cultivate employee relationships that are grounded in fairness and integrity. With a legacy spanning six generations in the pet industry, from Stephanie's great, great grandma Amy to her and Steve's children, their story is just getting started. We're excited to be a small part of it!