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Simply Fido

Simply Fido Gingerbread Man Toy

The Simply Fido Gingerbread Man Toy will be a great addition to your canine toy box this holiday season.

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Low Impact Dyes

Reduced Toxicity And Allergy Levels

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Brooklyn In Da House

Simply Fido is a Brooklyn based company known for their imaginative and whimsical toys. Everything they do is inspired by nature and made with safety and sustainability in mind. But their focus is so much more than making eco friendly playthings. They're committed to the health and safety of their employees, the environment, and your pets. You know, for future generations and stuff.

Low Impact

Simply Fido is all about low impact, and we're not talking aerobics! With recycled polyester stuffing, all natural cotton fabrics and eco friendly dyes, their dog toys are some of the most sustainable on the market. In fact, their low impact dyes, also known as fiber reactive dyes use less water and generate much less waste and contamination. Plus, they don't contain toxic chemicals or require high heat processing, which saves energy and reduces environmental impact, big time.