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Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog Waterproof Layout Bed

The Cycle Dog Waterproof Barrier Layout Bed is loaded with health and environmental benefits. It has an antibacterial treatment, which takes away typical dog bed smells. And it has an anti-mite treatment to help keep away bed mites. The bed is filled with recycled filling made from plastic bottles. You can wipe it clean, hose it off, or put it in the washing machine. It has a 3-layer waterproof laminate and coating.

Size Guide
Small: 24" by 18"
Medium: 30" by 20"
Large: 36" by 23"
Extra Large: 42" by 28"

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Machine Washable

Easy To Wipe Clean

Product Reviews

World's Best

Cycle Dog founder Lanette started out by collecting tubes from local bike shops to experiment with at home. After countless hours of sewing and testing, she eventually created her iconic inner tube backed dog collar. From very early on she knew she had created something special and soon after decided to pursue her passion full time.

Cycle Dog has evolved quite a bit from the early days. The crew still collects inner tubes from many of the bike shops in the area, but now a team of talented sewers help make the collars and leashes. And the line has grown to include harnesses, beds, blankets, toys, treats, soap, poop bags and more. They've long since moved out of Lanette's home but they still proudly make all their products in Portland Oregon, and their goal to create the world's best eco friendly dog products has never wavered.

Incredibly Incredible

Cycle Dog has saved millions of inner tubes from landfills. Now that's an incredibly incredible thing! Why is this so incredible? You see, inner tube rubber is not easily recycled and most recycling facilities just send it straight to landfills. But by upcycling them into cool dog products Cycle Dog helps keep tons of tubes out of landfills. If you're in the Portland area make sure to bring by your old tubes in exchange for a kiss, from one of their shop dogs.

Incredibly Incredible