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Buddy Belts

Buddy Belts Premium Leash

Size Guide
Buddy Belts Leash Size Chart


Perfect for harness sizes 1-4.

Dimensions: 4' x .50"

Clasp: Small


Perfect for harness sizes 5-10.

Dimensions: 4' x .75"

Clasp: Large


Perfect for harness sizes 5-10.

Dimensions: 1' x .75"

Clasp: Large

The Buddy Belts Premium Leash is a perfect match for your Buddy Belts Harness. Walk your dog in style with a coordinating set.

Product Reviews

Summer of '97

Looking back now, that summer seemed to last forever. That was when a miniature Dachshund named Buddy came into Roxanne's life. Those were some of the best days of her life. It was the summer of '97. She didn't know it at the time but Buddy was soon to become the star inspiration for the now world famous Buddy Belt.

Walk time with Buddy was amazing but he would always gag and cough. Roxanne quickly realized that he needed something other than a traditional dog collar. And the dog harnesses at the time didn't do much to protect the neck either. Starting with an old piece of tire rubber, the first Buddy Belt prototype was created. After working with several leather crafters to refine the pattern and template, Roxanne invested in the equipment and materials to bring her new harness to life.

The result of her early efforts is a harness that is easy to use and most importantly reduces stress on the neck. The Buddy Belt has come along way since those early days but the vision remains the same today. Now a premium harness, the quality of the Buddy Belt is the result of ongoing efforts to make it the best, and safest dog harness in the world.

Make Walk Time Great Again

Buddy Belts founders Roxanne and Johnny want to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners and it's evident in everything they do. Buddy Belts are lovingly hand crafted in Canada and coveted worldwide. Every detail is considered throughout the entire process, from design through construction. Keep your cherished pet safe, comfortable, and stylish with the revolutionary Buddy Belt. Make walk time great again!