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Tossing the Ball to a New Pack Leader

Tossing the Ball to a New Pack Leader

It is with great excitement that we announce the tossing of the ball to the new owner of Organic Pet Boutique! Please say hello to Julie and the real “new boss” around here, Oliver. 

Established in 2009, Organic Pet Boutique was conceived from an authentic affection for pets and a desire to build a fun shopping space for dogs and cats. After continually seeking out a pertinent and enjoyable eco-friendly ‘one-stop-shop’ for dogs and cats and not finding what I was looking for, the oppawtunity to start a new pet business presented itself. Organic Pet Boutique was established! 

During the lifetime of Organic Pet Boutique, I continued to explore and evolve with new products and vendors that aligned with our standards and values. The objective was to consistently provide quality products to pet parents and their fur babies. My personal desire to constantly attain and review new information on products in the pet market space helped me keep focused and determined to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

On February 11, 2015 my life was sparked and switched forever. The influence of Organic Pet Boutique was now on a new and enhanced path, all thanks to finding and rescuing my senior little lady, Nebula the Pot Belly Pug! Many mornings when I didn’t feel like I could make it through the day, all I needed to do was look at her charming face and it gave me all the encouragement I desired. Accomplishing the ambition to make all products “Nebbie approved” was always fundamental to me and the values for Organic Pet Boutique. From insisting to help unbox the merchandise, applaud all products, attempting to eat all the snacks, squeak all the toys and help me pack orders, Nebbie was repeatedly the best assistant and constantly the “Employee of the Month”! 

My personal struggles with my own health issues over the years have now become challenging on a day-to-day basis and I need to focus my attention on my physical recovery. Looking for an efficient and ardent replacement to take over was genuinely essential to procure the perfect fit to continue on the path I set forth for Organic Pet Boutique. 

Nebula, Chad and I are delighted to “toss the ball” to the new top-dog, Oliver and his mom and new pack leader, Julie! We have no doubt that we found the perfect pair to maintain the legacy of Organic Pet Boutique. We are eager and excited to see what these two will do to make it their own and the many things they will do to foster the loving and devoted space we created for you, our cherished customers. 

Pugs and Kisses, 
Natasha, Chad and Nebbie

Organic Pet Boutique Owners

A note from Julie… 

Natasha and Chad started Organic Pet Boutique out of a love for pets and a passion to help. They are always looking for ways to better the world - whether it is helping animal shelters, supporting woman owned businesses, or caring for the environment by selling recycled products. Their selfless acts for pets and people are what attracted me to the boutique in the first place. I look forward to continuing their legacy and the values we share by putting pets and people first.

I am excited to continue bringing you the products you love as well as new ways to interact with the pet community. You and your pets are the most important part of Organic Pet Boutique. I would love to hear any suggestions you have or see photos of your pets. Please feel free to contact me.

You will be hearing a lot more from me and Oliver in the weeks and months to come! Thank you for being a valuable part of the Organic Pet Boutique family! 

Julie (and Oliver)

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