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Our 1 Year Anniversary

Our 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago, I became the pack leader of Organic Pet Boutique. And Oliver took over as the boss. I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret. The boss naps all day, but we let him keep the title anyway! 

What a year it’s been. I’m so grateful to everyone who supports our small business. You help the boutique continue to grow and offer ethically and purposefully made pet products. 

Let's take a look at some highlights from the first year and what's coming up.

Highlights From Our First Year

One of the biggest highlights from our first year is our customers. Engaging with other pet parents is so much fun. Organic Pet Boutique has the best customers. Helping you find quality products for your fur babies is our number one priority. 

To reward our customers, we implemented a loyalty program. It’s free to sign up and start earning Paw Rewards. We also created an affiliate program. The program is an excellent opportunity for pet brands, bloggers, and more to earn commission on referrals.

We also had the opportunity to donate dog beds to a no-kill shelter. Foster and adoptive pet parents received the beds. We look forward to giving back more in the years to come.

Another highlight this year is the development of our private label, Paws United. We currently have a collection of organic cotton bandanas. Soon we’ll be adding toys and leashes.

Recently, we revised our website (aka the boutique). The new look and organization are created based on customer feedback. Making the site as user-friendly as possible is extremely important to us, and we’re excited for you to take a look around.

Finally, the year was terrific due to the brands from which we curate products. We love the companies that we partner with to bring you the best dog and cat products on the market. And we’re always on the lookout for new pet products that align with our values.

What To Look For Over the Next Year

As we head into year two, you can expect the same boutique experience from us. We work hard to offer quality over quantity. Anything you’ll find in our boutique has your pets and ours in mind.

We plan to ramp up our social media game this year, including our Youtube channel. You can currently find some short videos on our channel. Subscribe to get notifications for new entertainment and product information as it becomes available. 

We’ll also continue to grow the blog. Oliver’s blog provides fun and educational articles about dogs and cats. These include pet care, product news, and good stories from Oliver’s adventures.   

Thank You

Organic Pet Boutique would be nothing without our faithful customers. You are an encouragement and a light in our day. Even though the boutique is entirely online, it’s often like customers (both human and pets) walking through the doors of a physical storefront when we get messages from you. Everyone is welcome through our door, and we wake up every morning ready to serve you. 

As always, feel free to reach out anytime with questions or help to find the right product for your pet. 

Motivated by a love for pets and desire to contribute good in the world,
Julie, Oliver, and the team

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