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Pet Greens - Garden - Pet Grass - Self Grow Kit

Pet Greens - Garden - Pet Grass - Self Grow Kit
Pet Greens - Garden - Pet Grass - Self Grow Kit
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Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Garden powered with Green Nutrition for Dogs and Cats makes it easy to grow your own luscious, healthy, organic greens just soak, sprout, plant and watch them grow.

  • 100% certified organic wheat grass
  • Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended soil to enhance nutrients and flavor
  • Grows in 7-10 days
  • Unlike most self-grow kits, Pet Greens Garden is developed for all pets not just for cats
  • Safe alternative to potentially harmful houseplants and chemically treated outside grasses
  • Go Green! Nutritional Benefits for Animals

Greens are rarely found in a domestic pets commercially produced food.
However, many experts believe that before animals were domesticated, greens were part of their daily diets.

Living in the wild, a dog or cat would have hunted birds, rodents or reptiles, consuming them whole and receiving green nutrients through the contents of the preys stomach.
As an alternative for domesticated animals, cereal grasses, such as wheat grass, may be added in moderate amounts to satisfy their attraction to greens.

Pressing Grass Questions

Why do cats and dogs eat grass?
While dogs are considered omnivores and cats carnivores, both are able to digest plants and utilize their nutrients.
One theory suggests that dogs and cats used to get greens in the wild when hunting smaller grass-eating prey, but lack this green nutrition in domesticated diets.
To satisfy their attraction to greens, cats and dogs may be tempted to eat harmful houseplants or chemically-treated outside grasses.
A safer, healthier solution is a container of fresh, nutritious, 100 percent certified organic Pet Greens Live Pet Grass.
You may choose to grow your own with Pet Greens Garden self-grow wheat grass kits, or purchase conveniently packaged Pet Greens Treats made with organic wheat grass.

Do I need to monitor how much wheat grass my pet consumes?
Pets love wheat grass and may devour it quickly, but they should only ingest a small amount of this nutrient-rich treat at a time.
Rabbits, guinea pigs, or other smaller animals should be served wheat grass in moderation.
Give small clippings per serving or remove the wheat grass after a few nibbles.
Consult a veterinarian for advice on proper feeding amounts for each of your pets.

Suggested Use

Cats - Place by feeding bowl or window as a healthy alternative to potentially harmful houseplants.

Dogs - Add fine clippings to wet or dry food as a nutrient-packed alternative to chemically treated lawn grass.

Feeding - Feed to your pet as a healthy reward or snack.
Pet Grass can be fed to cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and small animals.
Adjust the serving size according to the size of your pet.
Reptiles and small animals should only be fed small amounts of Pet Grass.
Consult your veterinarian for more information about the proper serving size for your pet.

10 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Wheat Grass

If your dog or cat is an indoor/outdoor pet, limiting exposure to potentially harmful greenery may be a challenge, but you can help divert their attention by providing their own supply of greens.
Growing high quality wheat grass isnt as difficult as you might imagine.
With just 10 easy steps in less than two weeks, you can create a nutrient-rich indoor garden for you and your pet.

  1. Soak 2 cups of wheat grass seed in pure water for 9-12
  2. Drain the water and germinate the seeds for two days in a sprouting bag or jar, rinsing at least twice a day
  3. Fill a standard 11" x 12" seedling tray with 1"-2" of soil
  4. Spread the seeds evenly on top of the soil and water with a sprinkler head
  5. Cover the seeds with a second tray upside down to keep moisture in and light out during this incubation stage
  6. Set the tray in a shady spot away from extreme heat or cold around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal
  7. Check seedlings daily and moisten if necessary
  8. Remove cover when seedlings reach 2"-3" tall
  9. Let the sunshine in! After about three days, your grass will be ready to soak up the sunlight
  10. Harvest when your wheat grass reaches 7"-10" tall (usually between 10 and 14 days). Cut about one inch above the soil using a serrated knife or scissors

Wheat grass can be juiced or finely chopped into food.
Once your pets have been introduced to the taste of wheat grass, they may prefer to nibble straight from the tray.

How to Care for Pet Greens Pet Grass

Pet Greens Live Pet Grass typically lasts about 2-3 weeks.
Follow the instructions below to maintain healthy growth and keep your Pet Grass fresh and delicious for its full life-span.
Pet Grass cannot be re-potted and should be replaced on a regular basis.

Watering -
Water your Pet Grass about twice a week.
The best way to water your Pet Grass is to place the container in a saucer and water it from the bottom.
Make sure the soil stays moist but do not let your Pet Grass stand in water.

Light/Ventilation -
Place your Pet Grass in a bright, well ventilated location.
Avoid direct sunlight and/or hot locations.
A bright kitchen window is ideal!
Pet Grass is considered a leafy green.
The best way to extend the life of your Pet Grass is to put the container in the refrigerator at night.

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